Are you ready to buy? 

Home ownership is a big responsibility. Purchasing a home entrenches your roots in a community and with your purchase comes new costs such as maintenance, repairs and improvements. With the transaction costs involved in purchasing a home you have to make a commitment to stay in your home for a reasonable amount of time to make the transaction economically sensible.


Before making your way out to look at properties make sure you solidify your budget. Thinking what you can afford and what you can really afford may be two worlds apart. Be sure to book a meeting with your Bank or Mortgage Broker to go over your finances and undertsand some of the additional costs that follow your purchase. Remember, what the Bank says you can afford may not be practical for your lifestyle. Look closely at some of the things you enjoy like travelling. Consider other life changing events like starting a family or business costs that can affect your budget in the future.

Working with a Realtor

You need a Realtor who understands your needs, has knowledge of the local market and can negotiate on your behalf. Korrie-Sue and David Marshall have a wealth of knowledge and experience selling real estate in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and the surrounding areas. Book a confidential, no obligation Buyer's Interview with Korrie-Sue and David to get a real grasp of where you should buy, how the market is changing and what to expect in the future.

Location Location Location

Once you have your budget arranged and know what you can afford, start to consider different neighbourhoods. Location is important on many different levels. First consider what is important to you individually or as a family. Access to major highways, bus lines or maybe access to GO Transit is most important. Maybe local schools are extremely important to your young family; be sure to research school boundaries and rankings. Perhaps you enjoy the outdoors, recreation, parks; be sure to research what each neighbourhood has to offer.

Your Purchase

You've finished your homework, you know which neighbourhood you like and you've found the right property, time for an offer. Your agent will prepare an offer based of the current market conditions, previous sales in the area and condition of the property. If your offer is accepted there is usually conditions such as financing and a building inspection, however, there may be several different conditions to protect your interests. This conditional period usually lasts about 5-10 days in order to give you time to do an inspection and your bank to secure your financing. 

Closing the Deal

You have fulfilled your conditions, time to close the deal. You will require a lawyer to prepare to search the Title of the property and with your Realtor and your mortgage broker they will organize the acual closing. We offer a Closing Package to our clients, which includes valuable information and direction before and on the day of closing.

Government Programs

Our government has several programes in place that make buying a property a little easier. Check the Ministry of Energy website for several different rebates. The First-Home Buyer's Tax Credit is meant to curb some of the costs of buying a home. Also, a Land Transfer Tax Refund of upto $2000 is available for first time buyers who qualify.